Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Latest news! 29/01/2007 YouTube has just announced that it will share it's billion dollar revenue with users!

You can read about the news here.
Huh? Sharing your revenue with users?
Doesn't that sound kinda familiar?
Call me crazy but it makes me wonder......is YouTube copying Agloco? Hint! Hint! :)


Scott said...

Hi, I am an AGLOCO member and I am trying to continue to spread the word about AGLOCO but, the opportunity you have on CREAMaid does not seem to be allowing me to participate. I would love to use this opp so, let me know what to do, for I definitely don't want to miss out.


Scott said...

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I know how to use CREAMaid and, again, your opportunity on CREAMaid does not work. There are no posts to choose from and I am not allowed to even start a post myself. Maybe it's creamaid, I don't know, but, just letting you know that your opportunity is still in their list with no posts nor method of starting my own. No worries, just wondering. I can't wait until AGLOCO is ready. Any idea of when it will be time to reap the benefits of my membership?