Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well-known Internet Guru Robert Scoble interviews Agloco founders.

Dear friends, you don't actually have to view the whole video, but after reading the contents of my blog, I supposed it'll paint you a clearer when take a quick look at the first 15 minutes of it, during which the founders themselves explain how the whole thing works. I've received quite a few questions from people on whether Agloco is actually a scam. Hence, I just hope that this video proves that Agloco is definately not something that is out to sucker you of your hard-earned money. I love the part when they mentioned that we, as Internet users paid for our own computer monitors. So why shouldn't we get any monetary returns since we own that very piece of property where ads are shown? Do a google on Robert Scoble and you'll find out about his credibility, ok? Enjoy! :)

PS. If you were to view the other video of AllAdvantage below, you can actually get a glance of Ray Everett Church(one of Agloco's founders) when he was the Chief Privacy Officer of AllAdvantge! :P

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Latest news! 29/01/2007 YouTube has just announced that it will share it's billion dollar revenue with users!

You can read about the news here.
Huh? Sharing your revenue with users?
Doesn't that sound kinda familiar?
Call me crazy but it makes me YouTube copying Agloco? Hint! Hint! :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Thank you for your tremendous support

Dear Friends, for those of you who had received my SMS or email and proceeded to visit this page, I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me. What you're about to find out is how I made a startling discovery on the Internet that will change my life. And hopefully after reading it, it will change yours too.

Though its a bit lengthy, I hope you can fully understand what this is all about. Take your time. Be prepared. Your life journey is about to take another route. :)

PS. If in any situation you do not fully understand what this is all about or even if you need any sort of help, do not hesitate to email me at, SMS or even give me a call.

Remember, you trusted me. Please allow me to repay you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and god bless.

A rough summary of what this is all about

After Google and YouTube, Agloco will be the next big thing. Sign up for Free and be part of the Agloco Organization by earning company shares simply by using their special Viewbar to surf the Internet.

Its simple, you sign up for Free, get as many as your friends to do the same, built a huge community that Internet Advertisers crave for and when the Agloco Organization grows, so does the value of your company shares.

PS. Oh, and trust me, you WILL want to tell your friends about this.

I wish for good health and forever happiness to you and your love ones. Take care and god bless.


The Present & The Future

What is happening right now…

Advertisers pay BILLIONS of dollars to Google/YouTube to showcase their ads on their website where large amount of users like you and I visit


Google/YouTube gets to keep 100% of the Billions of dollars generated


At the end of the day, not a single cent goes to the people who made all this possible-Everyday users like you and I

No doubt Google/YouTube gives us good reasons to visit their websites (Entertainment and a powerful search
engine), shouldn’t we, the users who created such a huge platform deserve a percentage of the BILLIONS of dollars in revenue?


What will happen soon…

Advertisers pay BILLIONS of dollars to AGLOCO to showcase their ads on their viewbar where huge amount of users like you and I utilize
AGLOCO gets to keeps 10% ofthe BILLIONS of dollars generated
At the end of the day, 90% of the BILLIONS of dollars go to the people who made all this possible-Everyday users like you and I

Because USERS like YOU and I OWN AGLOCO!

We earn company shares by referring more people to use AGLOCO’s viewbar.

It’s that Simple!

The more people you refer-

1. The more shares you will earn.

2. Users of AGLOCO’s viewbar increases

3. Amount of Advertisers will increase(due to the large amount of people to showcase their products to)

4. AGLOCO will generate more money, thus enabling shareholders to earn more!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

All the information you'll ever need

Dear Friends, my name is Paul Wong and I’m from Singapore.

In the past one year, I have been involved aggressively in the field of Internet Marketing. (As you can see from my Yahoo Auctions' Ratings, my priority is to built my Internet Business based strongly on trust, honesty and integrity)

Reason is that I was once told by a mentor of mine, “If a person pays you $1 for your product, you’re $1 richer. What if you can showcase your product in a place where millions or even billions of people visit every single day? Wouldn’t that make you much more richer?”

Well, right now, I’m not going to ask for a single cent from you. I’m just going to tell you something. Businesses grow in revenue on the Internet because people buy their products. Advertisers make money by helping these businesses showcase their products to Internet users. All of them get to earn a living. What about us users? Shouldn’t we at least get something?

If you do not know what I’m talking about, allow me to tell you a story.

Two years ago, a website was born and nobody took notice of it. Soon, people were flocking to it just because of the entertainment it provided. Two years later, that very same website was sold to an Internet giant for US$1.65 billion. Why such a great amount? Because millions of Internet users like you and I visit the site and with such a huge amount of traffic there, wouldn’t it make sense to allow advertisers to showcase their products there and then?

Yes, I’m talking about YouTube. Google recently purchase it just because of its vast amount of traffic of users, which may hit 100 million a day.

Honestly, many Internet Marketing Gurus think that the next big thing may be a company call Agloco.

Agloco pays Internet users to use their special viewbar to surf the Internet. In addition to that, Internet users will get to earn shares in the Agloco organization by referring your friends to Sign Up For Free to use its viewbar. Why company shares and not money, you may ask?

Simple, Agloco doesn’t want to go into bankruptcy by promising big monetary payouts just because you use their viewbar (Something which happened in 1999 when it was called All-Advantage), they want your effort to increase its community numbers by referring as many people as possible, thus generating huge revenues to pay you.

Ok, last but not least, what’s the catch? The catch is that when you surf the net with Agloco’s viewbar, advertisements relevant to your searches will appear for you to view. But in the end, it is up to you to decide on whether you just want to close the ad and carry on, or to click on it to see if its anything interesting. Remember, the ads will always be relevant to what you are looking for. For instance, if you’re searching for Shampoo, only Shampoo related ads would appear for you to view. Get it?

Here are some facts about Agloco.

On, AGLOCO is currently ranked as the 2,235 most popular website on the Internet.

A search of AGLOCO on Google results in over 390,000 page results (AGLOCO was a ‘made up’ word with less than 200 results when the website launched)

These are amazing statistics for a website that is 13 days old today. And both of these stats are due mainly to the efforts of AGLOCO Members to promote Membership in AGLOCO.

This immense interest does put extra pressure on the AGLOCO development team and the system we put together.

It also points to the popularity of an economic network - people are interested, they want to join and they want to help build it.

For comparison on just the Alexa popularity ranking – AGLOCO made it to #2,235 in two weeks – it took Wikipedia two years to reach the same level of popularity, Facebook took nine months, YouTube took eight months and even MySpace took three months to hit this same level.

Pyramid – Another big misconception we have seen over the last few days.
Pyramid schemes are where people (at the bottom) pay money to join, and this money goes to the people who referred them (those at the top). Wikipedia has a nice description.

AGLOCO is NOT a pyramid scheme for the following simple reasons:

* No Member ever pays AGLOCO (or any other Member) any money at any time.

* AGLOCO is the opposite of a pyramid scheme, since we pay out money to all active Members.

* All Members earn distributions at the same rate no matter when they joined.

Members who refer new Members can earn more for building out the AGLOCO network.

And we do use a multilevel system for this reward.

Why is AGLOCO™ giving 100% of its stock to its Members?

We believe the Internet should be a platform for users to benefit from, and if anyone generates money from users’ normal online activities, it should be the users themselves.

How will AGLOCO™ make money by giving out all the shares to members?

AGLOCO™ pays a 10% fee to its management company.

In order to make and keep AGLOCO™ a vibrant community it needs to attract the best management it can. Since no stock is given to managers or founders (only Members are issued stock). This fee serves as an incentive to attract the best talent to help run AGLOCO™.

No Spyware In The Viewbar

Agloco CEO Mavani has assured that the Viewbar has absolutely no spyware. The Viewbar tracks your Internet surfing and serves advertising based on the web page you’re visiting. Everything the Viewbar tracks will be spelled out in the privacy statement. This is really
nothing new. Many other toolbars, like Google’s, already track surfing habits. In addition, the Viewbar will offer privacy and phishing protection and an uninstaller should you wish to remove it for any reasons.

Three Possible Scenarios

I see three possible scenarios with AGLOCO.

*The first is company management completely fails to handle the growth and the company fails. Or, Mavani lied to me and the Viewbar does have spyware. The resulting bad PR would no doubt kill the company. Should AGLOCO fail, we as members don’t lose much. Unless you’re one of the few who are spending money on advertising to sign up new members, you won’t lose any money should the company fail. Moreover, if you already surf more than five hours a month, you won’t lose any time either.

*The second scenario is AGLOCO glows like crazy and the IPO is successful. In this case, the shares we’ve build up in our account maybe worth a fortune.

*The third scenario is AGLOCO glows like crazy and attracts the attention of the big boys (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc). Instead of doing an IPO, the company will be like YouTube, and get bought out. However, unlike the YouTube deal, the AGLOCO members will make big money on it. YouTube got huge because of their user base, yet the users got nothing of the
$1.65 billion that Google paid.

Which of the three scenarios will come to past? We’ll just have to wait and see. This is one of the cool things about being part of a startup - you never know what might happen. They may fall flat on their face, or they may be the next YouTube. Either way, I plan to be part of it.

To sign up, click Here.

I wish for good health and forever happiness to you and your love ones. Take care and god bless.