Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well-known Internet Guru Robert Scoble interviews Agloco founders.

Dear friends, you don't actually have to view the whole video, but after reading the contents of my blog, I supposed it'll paint you a clearer when take a quick look at the first 15 minutes of it, during which the founders themselves explain how the whole thing works. I've received quite a few questions from people on whether Agloco is actually a scam. Hence, I just hope that this video proves that Agloco is definately not something that is out to sucker you of your hard-earned money. I love the part when they mentioned that we, as Internet users paid for our own computer monitors. So why shouldn't we get any monetary returns since we own that very piece of property where ads are shown? Do a google on Robert Scoble and you'll find out about his credibility, ok? Enjoy! :)

PS. If you were to view the other video of AllAdvantage below, you can actually get a glance of Ray Everett Church(one of Agloco's founders) when he was the Chief Privacy Officer of AllAdvantge! :P